Sunday 19 April 2009

"The anonymous uniform of the professionally uninterested"

That phrase caught my eye when I read it during the past week. I think it was in reference to (for example) bank employees in uniform who don't really care about customers, only about achieving their targets

Yet I think it applies more to professionals who assume that a suit is required uniform - without necessarily looking at it from their clients' point of view

For myself, I rarely wear a suit if I am staying in the office - clients tell me they prefer to see me in a sports jacket and trousers, even in shirtsleeves, and that they find dealing with suited professionals very daunting - it is another barrier to overcome

I do wear a suit (normally) if going out on appointments - something to do with being a visitor and on my best behaviour, as opposed to being "at home" and welcoming - though I have not tried to work out the psychology

Does it matter?

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