Saturday 22 August 2009

The Hoodeners Horse, Great Chart, Ashford, Kent UK

I have to post my thoughts on this truly excellent pub

I have visited it twice for Tweetups, and took my family today for lunch. On every occasion, I have been impressed by the warm welcome (especially from Andy Setterfield, the owner, but also from all his staff), the real ale (and cider), the efficiency and the FOOOOOD!

Today, I mainly drank the St Austell Tribute; after a few pints of that, I notice the London Pride pump - London Pride is one of my favourite real ales, but it paled by comparison to the Tribute: it took most of a pint to dissipate the lovely Tribute taste but, when I had, the LP was brilliant - Black Cat was also available, but one can have too much of a good thing!

The four of us had lunch. The pub has a Mexican food theme (though that is not the only food it serves). My wife had chicken tacos, my daughter chose chicken fajitas (each with a side order of chips) while my son and I both had Mexican burgers (which came with chips). I cannot speak too highly of the Mexican burgers - really, really nice. It is easy to beat my small appetite, but even my son could not finish completely. However, quantity is not the issue here - it is the quality that really counts, and that is top notch. The tacos and the fajitas were as good - all of us ended up stuffed and very satisfied indeed.

It is the chips that are the real story, however: I don't think I have ever tasted better - and I mean that sincerely, folks. All four of us agreed that they are the best chips going - if you only have the real ale and chips, it will make your visit worthwhile

The barmaid was lovely - not a robot or surly as in so many other venues, but a real human being who was a peasure to deal with. All-in-all, a very happy Saturday lunchtime and well worth repeating - if only there was a similar pub in Tenterden ... !

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  1. I'm wondering if we should get Andy to move? I thoroughly agree about the chips. I had a baguette with chicken and bacon and cheese, and had to admit defeat and use knife and fork (I'm usually a "pick it up and stuff it in" eater)

    See you all next month!