Sunday 13 September 2009

Do banks seek revenge?

last year, Barclays would not increase my overdraft racility to £60,000 - to get me through the credit crunch - pending the maturing of a life policy for that amount. HSBC were happy to offer that arrangemejt, so I switched. It was a matter of commercial life or death, as Barclays well knew.

Anyway, nine months after the switch and I am ready finally to close the Barclays accounts - any unpresented cheques have been replaced with cheques drawn on the new accounts.

Because it is forbidden to mix clients' money with my own, I asked Barclays to send me two cheques: one for the balance on my clients account with them to pay into my new clients account, and one for the balance on my office account ...

Instead, Barclays transferred the clients' money into my office account and sent me a single cheque. It ia as though they are trying to get me struct off!

Anyway: my annual audit starts tomorrow, so I will make a clean breast of it to the auditor and take what comes. Wish me luck!

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