Wednesday 5 January 2011

Adding value

I am told by those who know more about this sort of thing than I do - marketing people, mainly - that the "value dimensions" of a business depend on it displaying one or more of the following -
  • product leadership
  • operational excellence
  • customer intimacy
True or not, it provides food for thought

Product leadership

Hmm ... that's a difficult one for lawyers, dependent as they are on implementing, rather than making, law. However, we do our best - for instance, our advice regarding preventing property theft (ask for a copy in the comments section, if interested) and our guarantee of satisfaction

Operational excellence

Within the constraints of the current conveyancing process, we think we are as efficient and speedy as possible, without doing "make work" to appear busy. In addition, we constantly fine-tune our procedures to improve them - and welcome constructive suggestions for further improvements

Customer intimacy

This, I think, is where we are very different from other firms. Unlike "normal" solicitors, who try to minimise contact with clients, estate agents, etc, we actively encourage visits - without insisting on prior appointments - and telephone calls.

To be fair, without an appointment, a visitor is unlikely to see me (or my assistant solicitor), but they will be seen by Samantha Hayes (my conveyancing manager) or Anne Browne (office/conveyancing manager). In all likelihood, Sam or Anne will be able to deal with any procedural or incidental points; any legal issues would be relayed to a lawyer for attention. Similarly with telephone calls: Sam and Anne will know the up-to-date position on any of the residential conveyancing transactions and can update clients and agents as appropriate

We thinks this gives us an almost-unique approachability - until other firms adopt a similar idea, of course

Suggestions welcome

If you can suggest any other "value dimensions" or ways of improving them, please add as comments below

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