Thursday 14 May 2009

A breathing space

The property crash is (to put it mildly) not nice for those linked to the property market|; those who need to sell, estate agents, solicitors and other conveyancers, removal firms, carpet suppliers, etc

However, it has stopped big business hijacking the process: a lot of would-be big players in the HIP provision market have been put off (or gone bust) as a result of the recession

THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY: an opportunity for those who want to provide a good house-moving experience to establish themselves as the people to use, rather than allowing the rip-off merchants to move in as soon as the market picks up and hoover up the market for their own purely mercenary reasons

At Nelsons Property Lawyers, we plan to host a seminar of local, independent and good providers of house moving services (solicitors/conveyancers, estate agents, HIP providers, domestic energy assessors, etc) to formulate an attractive offering for buyers and sellers and create a user-friendly moving environment

(Sorry - it's late and I',m getting into anorak mode, but I do believe we can do this well and that this will benefit the clients - consumers)

Comments, please - and watch this space!

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