Sunday 10 May 2009


As secretary of the Wealden Business Group ( I have been finalising and uploading the minutes of our committee meeting last week. As part of the discussion was on the subject of other local networking groups and how WBG differs, I thought I'd try to find out a little abvout the competition.

Not as easy as it should be! Some seem to have almost impenetrable websites that send you round in circles. Others seem more keen to get you to join and pay a subscription than to yield up details of their members. However, my perseverance has been rewarded.

It seems that WBG is somewhere in the middle in terms of membership: 22 current members, compared with other groups with 9 and 13, and others with 22 also and 25. There is one with 44 that seems to be doing very well - and is the No 1 "chapter" in its organisation worldwide!

Where WBG "wins", however, is not in the numbers game but in its possibly unique combination of prtofessionalism and friendliness - attributes that we intend to build on into the future!

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