Sunday 18 April 2010

Terms and conditions appy

Sometimes, it can be very difficult to get clients to cooperate in their own interests. This dialogue from 'The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest' by Stieg Larsson sets out the very basics:

Lawyer: "Here are my conditions. I agree to represent you. When I need to get hold of you I want you to answer. When I need to know what you want me to do, I want clear answers. If I call you and tell you that you have to [do something], then I have already decided that it is necessary. You will have to [do it] and not make a fuss about it. Can you live with that?"
Client: "I can"
Lawyer: "And if you start playing up, I stop being your lawyer. Understood?"

It's basic stuff, but all too many clients just don't get it

- Justin (Nelson)

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