Wednesday 22 December 2010

New conveyancing protocol

According to Clutton Cox, they were one of only 12 firms to respond to the consultation by the Law Society on its new conveyancing protocol:

As I also responded, that means only 10 others throughout the country did - what a disappointment

What is also disappointing is that the Law Society has not included in the scheme a requirement for member firms to (for instance) adopt the Law Society's Code for Completion by Post - and a lot do not seem to know what the Code says, but decline to adopt it anyway - nor to update their repetitive raft of property information forms so as to produce a single, well-drafted form for clients to complete

Instead, they are duplicating some of the supervisory functions of the Solicitors Regulation Authority and concentrating on telling lenders, insurers and anyone that will listen that a good conveyancer should be part of the scheme - despite the fact that it is only open to solicitors, not licensed conveyancers. Presumably this is to get lenders and insurers to insist on firms joining if they are to be on lenders' panels and get insurance cover, thus ensuring jobs for those at the Law Society with no improvement in efficiency or protection for the benefit of clients

Ahhh! What it is to be so cynical!


  1. A man after my own heart.

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