Tuesday 10 February 2009

Lawyers are not always a bad thing

People often moan about the way in which compensation lawyers encourage a blame culture, resulting in ridiculous claims and the "health and safety freeze" that (allegedly) means that schools, for instance, close at the slightest sign of snow. However, I suspect that a lot of the stories told are urban myths, encouraged by the anti-PC brigade and by those who have a vested interest in lawyers not representing claimants - so that the claims can more easily be brushed aside or settled at lower-than-appropriate figures

This article in The Times Online tends to support that view

I would always recommend someone who has suffered injury not purely as a result of their own fault to seek early specialist advice. There may be no claim, or pursuing a claim might be inappropriate, but it is better to find out first, then make a decision

I do not handle such claims myself, but (as for other legal work that I do not handle) I would be happy to refer "victims" to a suitable local specialist solicitor - just get in touch, and I will be happy to help

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