Wednesday 4 February 2009

Why Abaddon's musings?

Well, "musings" is fairly obvious, but who is/was Abaddon?

The Abaddon I have in mind is the angel of the bottomless pit - there are others, but not relevant

Partly, I am referring to the bottomless money pit that everyone (especially the tax man) seems to think I have access to, but more I am referring to what I hope is a bottomless pit of experience, knowledge, advice, etc, that I am expected to share - and which I am usually happy to do, within reason, certainly for clients and genuine prospective clients, professional contacts, etc.

I am in danger of being a "soft touch" but, as Seth Godin suggests (see lonely-scared-bitter for elucidation) calm, generous people should end up busy, happy and prosperous - well: two out of three ain't bad!

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