Wednesday 4 February 2009

Why this blog?

At the end of last year, I decided that I should start a blog, and have at last done something about it.

I do not delude myself that I have anything of particular interest to others on most topics that most bloggers (especially male bloggers) seem to want to blog - or rant - about, and this is not intended to be that sort of blog.

However, I do have concerns about various changes I see, especially to legal system generally in this country and the house conveyancing process in particular, and the impact this will have on the legal and associated professions and on businesses in small towns. I am certainly not opposed to change in principle, but I believe that the reasons for some changes are suspect and the implementation sometimes disastrous.

Though I have started this blog, I do not want it to be "mine" alone - I hope others will contribute, particularly -
- other solicitors, especially those whose views differ from mine
- other professionals involved in the areas of work that I cover as a lawyer and comment on here (estate agents, valuers, bank managers, etc, all of whom will be affected, too)
- the clients and service users who are on the other end of the experience, with their angle on things
- residents and business people in Tenterden and other small towns

I hope that my posts will be informative and constructive, and will provoke informed and constructive discussion

Well: that has set out my stall, to some extent. Now I need to start posting properly

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